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S.C.ELECTRICOM S.A. located in Bucharest was founded in 1966 as a supply base of the former Ministry of Electricity and running without interruption for nearly 40 years, specializing in serving the economic units of the National Energy System – S.C. Electrica S.A., S.C. SMART, S.C. Transelectrica S.A., S.C. Hidroelectrica S.A., S.C. Termoelectrica S.A., S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A. – as well as other clients, companies, firms or individuals.

Given that supply the license no.1670/2014, issued by A.N.R.E., SC ELECTRICOM SA operates as a supplier of electricity. Electricity supply license granted the right to sell electricity to any eligible customer and other licensees, locate anywhere in Romania. We are market guided by ANRE agency that creates and applies the necessary regulatory system functioning energy sector and markets electricity in terms of efficiency, competition, transparency and consumer protection .

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