Client’s Services

  • Assistance prior to contract signing: our specialists offer assistance for customers that are still struggling with understanding the mechanisms and regulations of the electrical energy market. Together we can help our customers in making the best choice for their needs, based on consumption analysis reports;
  • Signing of related contracts that are necessary for becoming an electrical energy provider;
  • Throughout the duration of the contract for providing electrical energy we mediate the issues between client and the electrical energy provider;
  • We keep consumers informed about the possible changes in related regulations, via postal services and email;
  • We notify consumers about planned power outages;
  • We manage complaints received about the quality of the service in providing electrical energy, and also complaints about faulty consumption-measuring equipments;
  • We provide assistance for consumption forecasts in order to help simplify/ease these tasks and to help generate a more accurate estimation;
  • At the consumers request, we provide hourly energy consumption reports.



Our customer support department, in compliance with current regulations, is efficient in answering all our clients’ demands and provides permanent assistance throughout the duration of the contract.

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